Perspective Transform

Mat getPerspectiveTransform(InputArray src, InputArray dst)
- Calculates a perspective transform from four pairs of the corresponding points.

void warpPerspective(InputArray src, OutputArray dst, InputArray M, Size dsize, int flags=INTER_LINEAR, int borderMode=BORDER_CONSTANT, const Scalar& borderValue=Scalar())
- Applies a perspective transformation to an image.
  • src – input image.
  • dst – output image that has the size dsize and the same type as src .
  • M3\times 3 transformation matrix.
  • dsize – size of the output image.
  • flags – combination of interpolation methods (INTER_LINEAR or INTER_NEAREST) and the optional flag WARP_INVERSE_MAP, that sets M as the inverse transformation ( \texttt{dst}\rightarrow\texttt{src} ).
  • borderMode – pixel extrapolation method (BORDER_CONSTANT or BORDER_REPLICATE).
  • borderValue – value used in case of a constant border; by default, it equals 0.



using namespace cv;

int main( )
    // Input Quadilateral or Image plane coordinates
    Point2f inputQuad[4]; 
    // Output Quadilateral or World plane coordinates
    Point2f outputQuad[4];
    // Lambda Matrix
    Mat lambda( 2, 4, CV_32FC1 );
    //Input and Output Image;
    Mat input, output;
    //Load the image
    input = imread( "lena.jpg", 1 );
    // Set the lambda matrix the same type and size as input
    lambda = Mat::zeros( input.rows, input.cols, input.type() );

    // The 4 points that select quadilateral on the input , from top-left in clockwise order
    // These four pts are the sides of the rect box used as input 
    inputQuad[0] = Point2f( -30,-60 );
    inputQuad[1] = Point2f( input.cols+50,-50);
    inputQuad[2] = Point2f( input.cols+100,input.rows+50);
    inputQuad[3] = Point2f( -50,input.rows+50  );  
    // The 4 points where the mapping is to be done , from top-left in clockwise order
    outputQuad[0] = Point2f( 0,0 );
    outputQuad[1] = Point2f( input.cols-1,0);
    outputQuad[2] = Point2f( input.cols-1,input.rows-1);
    outputQuad[3] = Point2f( 0,input.rows-1  );

    // Get the Perspective Transform Matrix i.e. lambda 
    lambda = getPerspectiveTransform( inputQuad, outputQuad );
    // Apply the Perspective Transform just found to the src image
    warpPerspective(input,output,lambda,output.size() );

    //Display input and output

    return 0;



  1. How about if I mapped just a point in an image (eg. I'm tracking an object) and want to get the new transformed point instead of the whole image? Any tip to a starter?

    1. You can track the individual points of the object and you may try with some prediction filters to predict the next position of the respective points. You may use Kalman filter for the purpose.

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  2. Thank you very much. It is very helpful.
    Shouldn't the following be for "output" image instead of lambda (which is a 3X3 matrix)?

    // Set the lambda matrix the same type and size as input
    lambda = Mat::zeros( input.rows, input.cols, input.type() );

  3. Thanks for your code, I used it for my project

  4. i want to get an image aligned based on 6 co-ordinates (center of eyes,tip of the nose,mouth end points and the center of the mouth).how should i approach it?

  5. That worked like a charm. Just one comment: You can remove any parameters for lambda and just write

    Mat lambda = getPerspective...

    It works the same.

  6. Thanks for the info on perspective corrections.

  7. Replies
    1. How to do perspective transformation using python and opencv | sorting out error
      refer this tutorial u may get some idea.

  8. How to do perspective transformation using python and opencv | sorting out error

  9. Can you please give the code in python

  10. Can you please give the code in CSharp


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