bilateralFilter – Bilateral Fitering
bitwise_and – Bitwise AND
bitwise_not – Bitwise NOT
bitwise_or – Bitwise OR
bitwise_xor – Bitwise XOR
blur - Normalized Block Filter
Canny – Canny edge detector  (Application1)
CascadeClassifier – Cascade classifiers for object detection
circle – Draw circle (Application1, App2)
convertScaleAbs – Scales, calculates absolute values, and converts the result to 8-bit (Application1, App2 )
convertTo – convert RGB to gray or HSV or YCvCr or vice versa
convexHull - Convex Hull implementation
cornerHarris – Harris corner detector
createTrackbar – Add trackbar
cvtColor – Convert format(depth/color space) of image
dilate – Morphologicl Dilation operation
drawContours – Draw contours
ellipse – Draw an ellipse
equalizeHist – Histogram Equalization
erode – Morphologicl Erosion operation
filter2D - create new linear filters
findContours – Find contours in image (Application1)
fitEllipse - Fitting ellipse (Application1)
GaussianBlur – Gaussian blur
getPerspectiveTransform – Calculates a perspective transform
getStructuringElement – Create structuring element
getStructuringElement – Creates structering element
HoughCircles - Hough Circle Transform to detect circle
HoughLines - Hough Line Transform to detect line
HoughLinesP – Pobabilistic Hough Line Transform to detect line
Imread – Reading an image
imshow – Show image
imwrite – Writing an image into disk
inRange – (Application1)
KalmanFilter – Kalman Filter
KalmanFilter::correct – Updates the predicted state from the measurement
KalmanFilter::predict – Computes a predicted state
Laplacian – Edge detector
line  -Draw line (Application1)
Mat – Basic image container
medianBlur – Median filter
merge – merge many channels to create one image
minAreaRect – Minimum area rectangle
Moments - Calculating moments of an image
morphologyEx – Apply morphological operations (MORPH_OPEN, MORPH_CLOSE, MORPH_GRADIENT, MORPH_TOPHAT, MORPH_BLACKHAT)
morphologyEx – Morphological Transforms
namedWindow – Create window to show image
normalize – (Application1)
putText - Putting text in image
randu – Uniformly-distributed random number generations
rectangle – Draw rectangle
resize – Resizes the image to the specified size
RNG - Random number generator
setMouseCallback – Sets mouse handler for the specified window (Application1)
Sobel – Sobel edge detector
split – Split image into different channels
threshold – Perform image threshold
Vec3b – ( Application1 , App2)
VideoCapture – Capture video from camera or file
waitKey – Wait for key press
warpAffine – Affine Transform (Rotate image)
warpPerspective – Applies a perspective transformation